It Eventually Comes





May 15, 2023

In just a week, I’ll be heading to Florence, Italy for my marketing internship. I can’t help but feel stressed about packing, money disbursing before the start date and buying everything I need before I leave. It’s tough trying to balance it all with spending quality time with my family and friends since I am staying a week in Mexico, my first home.

I have to admit, the whole process of applying to intern abroad has been overwhelming and caused me a lot of stress. Over the last months there were moments when I felt unmotivated and frustrated. Moments where I felt so close to my goal, but not quite there. Now, as I look back, I realize how far I have already come and how many steps I had to take to be where I am today.

Here I am, the present version of myself that does not know the future experiences, perspectives, and people that will shape my journey. Although I don’t know what is waiting for me, I want to give myself a tight hug and whisper, “I’m proud of you.” I value the effort and heart I’ve put into reaching this point, just a week away from what I have been working for months and months.

The feeling of being so close but not quite there, I can say with confidence, it eventually comes.

Melissa Pena