Is it Ciao or Ciao?




“As of today, June 5th, 2019 I am staying a for about 3 more weeks in Florence, Italy.”

Saying those words out loud just come as a real shock to me, even though I am here. Even though I am in the shelter of this apartment studying and writing this blog post I am still astonished to be looking outside my window seeing the Duomo, San Lorenzo, and the beautiful other tenants who live, breathe, and are always situated with this sort of environment. 

The city of Florence is beautiful as you would expect, but there is so much more to it. The culture, the people, and the food is what registers right away. Now when we think of the people here in Italy we think of many of them waving their hands around and eating spaghetti or something along the lines of that. That is our stereotypes of a certain individual that we have never met or really learned about, just something that comes up in conversations and is imprinted into our minds throughout our lives and in all honesty I am sure everyone does that in some sort of way or another.

Right away the “visions” came. I was trying to envision how the 9 hour flight would be, I was trying to envision the food, the people, and the airport would be. Well after about a 3 hour layover we arrived at the Florence airport and right away I was VERY wrong. This airport had to have about 3 terminals all together and I was extremely astonished. We were led through the city with an incredible crazy and fast driver that navigated us through the cracks and crevices of Italy. Eventually we arrived at our apartment for 6 and met with our roommates. I immediately took the time to admire the beautiful view outside our windows and really soak up where I was going to stay for the next 4 weeks.

“Cinque Terra?”

Immediately we took advantage of the opportunities to travel with LdM ( our school). The first option was tomorrow at 5am for a little village named Cinque Terra. My plan of course was to make the most out of the trip. Woke up at 4am and walked the incredibly empty streets of Florence to the bus stop. 3 Hours later we arrived at Cinque Terra and were gifted a train pass to travel to each city. With each island we traveled I tried to learn the most about the city. The history was extremely interesting. Each village had its own history, tall tales, and different types of scenery. I Loved learning about each city and it really brought a sort of inner piece within me.

So far this trip has taught me so much. The amount of hard work and preparation that is going into next week for starting school is what is pumping me up. I love school and getting to learn about the florentine culture through real italian professors is going to be just as exciting as going to these beautiful places. I look forward to living here for another weeks! Ciao!!