Internship week 1 – 06/04


I started my internship today on Monday June 04, 2018 at the Children Hospital 2 at Ho Chi Minh City. I got acquainted with the doctors and students there at the hospital. A teacher showed us around different departments within the hospital, the library, and where things are.

On Tuesday morning, I sat in a meeting about heart surgery cases for the children at the hospital. It was interesting listening to the factors the team consider when assessing the best treatment for a patient. Factors mentioned include patients’ complications and socioeconomic status After lunch, I went into the cardiac catheterization lab where I observed procedure used to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions that is done by inserting a long thin tube called a catheter into an artery or vein in the children groin area.

Wednesday morning I had a discussion with a student about ways to improve the diet and living environment for the people living in Vietnam. We discussed about a different approach to medicine and a different way of healing diseases. We realized that the first step is education people about healthy diet and teach them about self-efficacy. We need to encourage them and give them confidence that they can change their health and their life. We discussed about possibly making a power point about healthy eating and the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Thursday – We went to a competition for young and talented doctors of children hospital 2. The contestants presented information on safety during emergencies cases in the emergency department for children in the hospital. The community gathered together to support the contestants and learn about  healthy tips for taking of babies and children. I asses the power points to see if the information was easily understood by the audience.  After the day, I asked to work with the doctors and the team of nurses on the night duty for that day. I learned about how weak the insurance system in Vietnam is and how certain health conditions can put burden on a family. I learned about how the healthcare systems are in Vietnam and the culture of going to the doctor usually without appointments.

Friday – I had the opportunity to assist in a first aid and CPR for children and adult workshop. The workshop consisted of power point, mannequin, and a pre- and post- test about knowledge about first aid and CPR. The workshop emphasized on self-efficacy, encouraging participants to believe that they can perform CPR during needed situation. I assisted with handing out pre-test to participants and collecting post-test. I also assisted through out the workshop with pretending being a victim for participants to practice on evaluating the situation. I was also assisting in pointing out correct techniques when doing CPR for children versus adult when participants were practicing on the mannequin.