Internship Reflections




It has been three weeks since I have started my internship with Envision Consulting Group (EnConsult) in Jordan. It is safe to say that since beginning my internship here I have learned a lot about professionalism, economics, and myself.


My first task was conducting comparative research  between countries regarding tax incentives for the film industry. This is not the kind of research I thought I would be doing. Nonetheless, I dived right in. This research was conducted with two other interns, and the end goal was to produce a lobbying paper for the film commission of Jordan, to encourage larger subsidies. I have never written a lobbying paper and neither have the other interns.

The process was very extensive, two of us researched the country incentives, and growth of the film industry, while the third inter produced data on the multiplier of money brought in from film production.

When it was time to submit the paper, I took on the task of formatting it, and it was absolutely wrong. When I approached this paper, I was not concerned with formatting the paper. However, this experience reminded me that when producing written work, presentation, and content are equally important.

My takeaway from this experience is for future projects, consider the most professional presentation style when formatting and not the most convenient.

Economics :

Economics as a discipline and practical study is fascinating. It is the reason that I took this internship, I hoped to learn more and get experience the practical application of economics. That is exactly what I have got, in ways that I did not expect.

There are different moving parts of the economy. but one I never considered is the film industry.

Through this research process, I other  factors that are apart of the movie production process. Deciding where to film is a competitive market on the part of states. Not only is it based on natural scenery, and desired image on but the incentives available.

The research I conducted revealed the depth influence films have or can have on an economy. It also enlightened me to think more critically about daily decisions, and the depth of market interactions


Throughout this process, I have struggled with being assertive having confidence in my intellectual capability. I frequently struggled with whether I ought to ask questions, or whether I was conducting my research properly. This made work exceedingly stressful. I also struggled with working in groups,  specifically with people from different backgrounds, and educational capabilities.

I have come to realize it isn’t about appearing stupid or inadequate, when you ask, well now you know. It is important to go into new situations with a combination of confidence in yourself and a wiliness to learn.