Inspiring Success Through Leadership: Lessons from Studying Abroad


During my final weeks studying abroad, my classmates and I faced the challenge of staying focused with the fast-approaching deadline for our final review in the last week of classes. Recognizing the importance of collective effort, I took the initiative to arrange a working session in the co-working spaces of our housing complex. Bringing together all the architecture students allowed us to collaborate and make significant progress on our projects. The teamwork environment enabled us to exchange ideas, seek advice on drawings, and provide constructive criticism on how to improve our design.

In Barcelona, just like in the United States, leadership skills are highly valued. I witnessed the power of leadership qualities in action during the guest lecture series organized by one of my course instructors. Many young designers demonstrated exceptional leadership, which prompted them to form collaborative teams and successfully take on major projects. These leaders not only took on a major role within their teams but also motivated and encouraged their members. This supportive approach present here is seen in the results when they go on to win design competitions.

Overall, my experience abroad has highlighted the significance of leadership skills in both Barcelona and the United States. Whether it was organizing a working session with classmates or observing the impact of leadership in the professional world, I came to appreciate the value of strong leadership in achieving collective goals and producing successful outcomes.