India, A Moment of Reckoning







“Unity in Diversity” a common saying in India.

Bangalore was not what I was expecting when I pictured my time in India. I had in mind that I would be staying in a small town (probably due to my lack of research) but to my surprise Bangalore is a pretty much a metropolitan city! Living in Bangalore has been a huge adjustment from small town life.

Becoming accustom to the India culture has at times been very confusing. The head bob itself took a minute to understand but now I find myself doing it all the time! I enjoy the open vibes that bobbing ones head side to side gives off. As opposed to a clear yes or no head nod. Nevertheless, over the past few weeks I have been reckoning with my confidence moving through this city. While I’ve always considered myself independent, living here has brought me to face what independence truly means.

Picture taken in Bangalore on a busy weekday

I say no more to relying on others to hold my hand through my moments of self doubt. I will no longer wait for others to give me the “okay” in a decision that is my own. I will seek out the answers to my questions even if that means going down a long and lonely pathway to find what I am looking for. I will continue working on my ability to define myself for my humanity instead of defining myself in association with others. Living in India has brought me to a reckoning. A reckoning within myself.
Picture taken in Bangalore on one of the most congested streets in the city

A reckoning within my faith.
The faith I that I am making the right decisions.
The faith that I will get that job.
The faith that I will not get run over in the middle of the road.
The faith that the ground I walk on will not cave in under me.
The faith that changing myself does in fact change the world (Gloria Anzaldua 1987).