Incorporating English slang into my daily vocabulary





Since studying at the University of Leeds I have had the honor of hearing the infamous Yorkshire accent. Yorkshire refers to a region of England that is up another of the country. What makes this place so special is their accents. Before coming here I thought all English people would have the typical accent that are in movies such as Harry Potter and peaky blinders. However, I have learned that accent is referred to as an “posh” accent. This accent is very typical British and sounds very clear as they enunciate their words clearly.

Now lets get on to the Yorkshire accent which is nothing like anything I’ve heard before. This accent is often very fast paced and a sentence usually sounds all jumbled up together. This accent has a very unique twang to it and almost sounds country-like. Although the language is hard to understand I have to say most Yorkshire people I’ve met are very kind and accommodating.

some phrases I have adopted since living here are:

“innit” instead of “isn’t it”

“cheers” instead of ” thanks”

“flatmates” instead of “roommates”

“reckon” instead of ” I think”

“bruv” instead of “brother”

“dodgy” instead of “untrustworthy”

“mates” instead of “friends”

Although the country of England is relatively small compared to some states in the US they are all each very cool and have their own custom slangs and language. In Birmingham, people who are from there are called “bromies” while people from Bristol are known as “bristonians”. I definitely will bring back a lot of phrases and terminology back when I return to the states and probably influence my peers to adopt some of the language as well.