In Limbo






Application season is upon me these days. Send a resume. Send a cover letter. Send a transcript. Another. Another. Send you G.R.E. scores. Send your soul, your arm, your Leg. Send a sample of your urine. Send three new born children freshly stolen from an orphanage. Graduate schools really want to see you are committed.

I have spent a fair amount of this season with the few who remain after the catastrophe that was BSM’s grading period. The days are longer, sweeter, and duller than before. I’m not sure I have a preference for one set of these days over the other, only the transition feels notable. The is no snow on the ground in Budapest, and it supposedly will remain this way all winter. I’m not very happy to have a winter without snow for the first time in my life. It feels like something playful is missing from the frigid winds and lack of sun outside.

The majority of my recent days have either been spent in coffee shops writing or working on various things. I was bed stricken for a few days after Christmas when I was so dehydrated that all lower back muscles cramped and I wasn’t able to put any weight on my legs. Thankfully the people who were staying only a door away took a break from having strange sounding sex to check on me and give me some water from time to time. Eventually I was hydrated enough to stand without to much back pain though it still aches from time to time from the experience.

Grades from the semester turned out both better than expected and worse than desired. All in all, I think my first semester was a disappointment academically and I am trying to find ways to remedy that for the semester to come. It will be nice to be back and doing algebra rather than analysis and I’m hoping I can find my feet before Graduate school comes along to wallop me.

All in all, I feel really in between it all and I am excited to see some family in friends coming here for the first time in 4 months.