I got a bike!






Hey guys, I decided to get a bike this semester! It’s a little bit of a change from last semester when I just rode public transit everywhere. I like riding a bike a lot more. First off, when I used to ride the public transit, it took me around 45 minutes to get to class. That’s long time! With a bike, however, you don’t need to wait for a train to arrive or get off to switch lines. It only take about 15 minutes to get to class. I was really surprised by that! I also think that you experience the city a lot more, because you’re more engaged. On a train it is easy to get distracted and not take in your surroundings.

You can’t ignore the health factor either. Since getting my bike, I have been getting so much more exercise. I feel a lot better too. Riding a bike just makes you so much more energetic and alert for class. I’ve also been feeling a lot healthier.

I think one of the biggest reasons to get a bike is money. At least for me that was the motivation. A Semesterticket in Heidelberg costs 165 euro. My bike, on the other hand, cost me 50 euro, AND I can sell it when I leave for about the same price! To me that is a no-brainer. So, I would recommend to everyone studying abroad to get a bike! You won’t regret it.

As far as were to get a bike, I would recommend facebook marketplaces, Craigslist, or (if you’re getting desperate) a used bike shop. Bikes  on Facebook or craigslist are generally cheaper, but from a bike shop they can be had right away and no need to meed up with strangers. Sometimes if you by a bike from a used bike shop, when you leave you can sell it back for about half what you bought it for. You still  have to pay a bit of a premium for getting it from a shop.

Well, That is about all I can think of to say about that. See you next time!