I Caught COVID-19 AGAIN (Feb. 7 – 11)





I am not going to lie, I really wanted to go back home to California after being bedridden this entire week. COVID-19 takes a tole on my body and mind.

This is the third time that I tested PCR positive with the virus. The first time was rough when I was in Ghana last semester and I developed a moderate level of pneumonia. The second time, was less terrible. I felt very dehydrated and tired. This third time I was bedridden with a fever of 101.8 F for about three days straight and then very achy with slight cough several days after.

Denmark dropped all COVID-19 restrictions on February 1st due to the high vaccination rate. 81.5% of citizens are fully vaccinated and 96.4% of senior citizens have received the booster vaccine (SOURCE). Yet, many of my classmates, friends, and floormates have tested positive within the past two weeks.

This is a photo of me bundled up video chatting with my mom.