How to deal with homesickness






One of the hardest parts of studying abroad is dealing with homesickness. Every student at some point during the semester misses some part of home, the people, the routine, the food, or their pets. However, this semester I found some great ways to recover. Several times I missed my friends and family, and the best way to feel better was to call or text them. It was not always easy to communicate frequently due to the unreliable network of my field station, but it was important to me to reach out where I could. Just talking to them for a few minutes and planning things to do when I got home made me feel so much better. If I missed my pets, I asked my family for pictures. It was also nice to share stories and pictures from home with my cohorts so we could all feel a little more connected. Finding camaraderie abroad and making yourself a new home, however temporary, also helps. Having somewhere where you feel relaxed and comfortable, surrounded by friends helped me feel less alone and more at home. My favorite way to deal with homesickness was to hit the kitchens. Being able to cook helped make my routine feel more normal, and when I really missed a food, I could ask to make it. During the semester my friends and I made cookies and brownies, as sweets can be hard to come by. Not only was it super fun, and delicious, but having a little taste of home cheered everyone up. Homesickness can sneak up on you and it is important to understand that everyone feels it, and sharing your experiences can help to ease the feeling.