How the Semester Works





I just want to discuss the general time schedule of a semester at the University of Hong Kong. The semester is split into two parts by a week of break called the “reading week” for midterm preparation. Most biological labs begin after this week and the lecture material starts picking up its pace. Most upper biology and natural science courses do not have midterms, but have projects and a final. The goal of group projects is to allow students to explore topics beyond the material covered in class. This semester with six classes, I have an extensive list of projects and papers to complete.

Schedule of Assignments and Tests

1. Medicinal Chemistry: Lab tour report; Group presentation on Ciprofloxacin; midterm and final.

2. Microbial Biotechnology: Presentation and final

3. Clinical Microbiology & Applied Immunology. Field trip and Final Exam.

4. Counselling in a Healthcare Setting. This course teaches the microskills for counselling in geriatics, psychological disorders, sexuality, and more. My group project focuses on how to counsel a child who acquires asthma after his parents divorce.

5. Capstone Biology Research. Topic: Caveolin-1 and its effect on the Blood Brain Barrier.

6. Biomedical Breakthrough in Pluralistic World. Weekly reflections of tutorials; Group Project on Pancreatic Cancer; final.