How can you capture this in a picture?


I arrived to Vietnam on Thursday after having a delay in one of my connecting flights which caused me to arrive a day later to Vietnam than expected. Anyway I met up with my friends that had arrived two days before and went directly to bed not only because I was exhausted but also because the next morning a bus was picking us up from the hostel to take us the boats that sail out to Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay translated means Descending Dragon Bay. It is amazing to say the least. 1,000 islands make up this amzing place, mountains filled with trees that make the mountain look green. It is absolutely gorgeous. The boat can take up to 12 people and you can choose to eitherm sleep there for two or three nights. We decided to do the two night stay.It is extremely peaceful. There is no noise except the birds and the sound of your own breathing. The boats make sure their motors are not loud to give you the same serenity in sound as the one that the view gives you. We went swimming for a bit and then kayaking. The cruise also takes you to one of the larger islands to see a very famous cave in the island of Cat Ba. In this island you can also choose to do some intense trekking and climb nearly 250 meters to the top for a view of the islands that takes the little bit of breath you have left from the hike up. The locals are very nice. The guide that took us up in the mountain was this tiny woman in her 50s, I believe, that was going up the mountain very quickly and making it look so easy. I felt so out of shape!

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