How are your German Friends communication styles different from yours? Has your own communication style changed?





One of the things that characterized German people is their honesty and their direct approach when speaking and communicating with another person, and this does not change even when they talk to a non-German native. So far I have encountered situations in which I had to deal with their sense of communication. For instance, I am in a Whatsapp group with my German roommates, most of the time when there is something wrong they say it directly, in what could be seen as confrontational but it isn’t, it is just direct and serious, not personal. Like just the other day there one something wrong with a mess in the bathroom, one of my roommates typed that she was tired to clean up after, whoever was making the mess and that if they could stop doing it and try to clean after themselves when I read it I thought it was way too aggressive but they all reacted the best way possible, and who was responsible apologized and said that they would do better. So from an American standard that is something that no person would do, they would try to find a better approach as not by pointing fingers nor being so direct as to not offend the other person nor hurt their feelings, etc. Although this German style of communication seems so harsh I believe it is more beneficial because they say what they mean without going around it, and although it seems bad it doesn’t have to because they are not saying for you to take it personally but as stating a fact and expecting a result and in a positive light. Sometimes in the US we take so many people’s feelings into consideration that we miss the point and there are no favorable results, and in this way that gets done.