Hong Kong Styled Breakfast





A quick word about Hong Kong styled cuisine. When I first stepped off the Guangzhou train onto the platform of Hong Hom station in, I was surprised to find a heavily Western influenced city. English was found in every direction subbing behind Chinese directional signs. Secondly, I was shocked to find a large number of overweight people in Hong Kong. The difference between Mainland China and Hong Kong was especially apparent having stayed in Guangzhou two weeks prior where I was used to seeing leaner people. Why is there a difference considering the two cities are less than 120 kilometers apart?

By observation the food culture in Hong Kong is distinctively influenced by the West as it has been under the British administration until 1997. The city is a densely packed with malls and dine-in restaurants literally everywhere you turn. Meaning the accessibility for exercise in a crowded gas exhausted filled city is difficult. Coming out from every exit of the MTR station, you can find a shopping plaza or strip of diners. Hong Kong is famous for their high tea diners selling value meal sets of Hong Kong styled western food. The meals typically include a fried French-styled, syrup or butter toast; instant noodles with spam; or macaroni in noodle base soup. The value set comes with a drink of choice: Ovaltine, Milo or Horlicks instant chocolate flavored malted milk.

Along the streets are side stands selling white flour pastries and breads. There are considerably more prepackaged bread products here in Hong Kong. Many of which are low in fiber and high in processed carbs.

What are Ovaltine, Horlick and Milo drinks anyway? These drinks are powdered chocolate malt milk drinks. Fresh milk can be bought in one serving size cartons. They are sold in supermarkets and convenient stores. Some taste like fresh milk as the ones I have drank in the States, while others have a stronger creamy taste.

It is not particularly healthly to load up on processed carbs for the breakfast, so I would opt for fresh fruit with fresh milk.