Hong Kong – A Land Apart





Hey all! So, funny story (not really); as soon as I arrived in Taiwan, I found that my computer stopped working. After a quick assessment, I realized that the bus to my brand new SSD was malfunctioning. So, I have been without my baby for the last two weeks.

On the bright side, I had some great adventures in China during the interim. My program does not begin for several more weeks, so I decided to go see a few old friends in Hong Kong and China.

Many of you may be thinking, “Well, isn’t Hong Kong and China the same place?” Well, it is and it isn’t. European colonialism did a lot to disrupt cultures in major parts of the world. One of the most extreme instances of this disruption is in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong is, officially, a part of China, the people and culture are vastly different. In fact, Hong Kong was only returned to China from the British on July 1, 1997 after 100 years of British rule. Obviously, the two places developed quite differently…

However, I was not in Hong Kong to delve into a historical dissertation: I was there to see my friends! As I was only there for 3 days, we decided to make an entire day out of hiking to the giant Buddha statue on Lantau Island.


It was big… A lot bigger than I had anticipated. Also, I ran up the steps…


After visiting the Buddha, we traveled to the small fishing village of Tai O. We decided to buy some fresh fish and prawns…


They became this…



That’s all for now. Read my next post on Beijing and Harbin!