Home Sweet Home






Today, left as quickly as it came. We woke up early. We had a bus to catch to Siem Reap. We were used to riding in style but this Greyhound bus look-a-like had no air conditioning. I couldn’t push my seat back or more over without falling off my seat. There was luggage every where including my own. I was too tired to talk. Luckily, out of the 6 hours of the trip I was probably conscious for less than an hour. This was the most uncomfortable bus ride I’ve ever experienced.  We took a smaller van to our hotel, another hotel in the Frangipani Villa Hotels chain. Andrea and I were in room 126. We put our things down and 10 minutes later, we were asleep again. We woke up at 1 a.m., had one of our nightly chats and three hours later we were out again until morning.