Home Away From Home




I arrived in Segovia, Spain around a week ago and during this short period I have already learned so much. The trip to Segovia was full of first-time experiences. It was my first time traveling internationally, and the first time I visited a new continent. It was also my first time traveling in a train, since there is not an airport in Segovia I arrived at Madrid and then took a train.

The first couple of days I felt as if I was on vacation and I would return home soon. After I went grocery shopping and I unpacked all my things, it started to feel real. I am making this my home for four months.

Aqueduct of Segovia.

Although I have experience moving to a new country (I moved to the United States when I was 14 years old), this time I was moving hundreds of miles away from home and in a new continent. In Spain, like in Mexico, the official language is Spanish, which has made the transition easier. I am very happy I can speak in my native language and when I go to the store and I run into a neighbor they tell me “Buenas tardes!” “Good afternoon”, even if this is the first time they’ve seen me in their lives.

Sometimes I forget I am so far away from my parents and sisters and I forget that we are in different time zones and during some hours of the day, we are in different calendar days. I’ve learned that when you are far away, you have to make your temporary place a home away from home, even if it is for a short period. Here in Segovia, the views remind me of my grandparents’ hometown in Mexico, the mountains take me back to a place I know.

Buildings in Segovia.

I have never been this far from my family, and even though I did not think I would get homesick since I am already used to being in a different city as them (in Texas), knowing I won’t be able to go home for four months has made me appreciate my constant trips to Mexico when I am away in college.

It is strange how now I find myself calling “home” two places, Mexico and the United States. This has allowed me to embrace my two identities more than ever, yes I am Mexican, but I have two homes.

Segovia is a beautiful city full of beautiful views and buildings. The view from my apartment is breathtaking and it looks straight out of a postcard.

The view from my living room.

I also enjoy that since Segovia is a relatively small city, everything is within walking distance. I can go buy groceries, go to school, to the Plaza Mayor, and many more places in minutes. The coffee shops in every corner are also very convenient.

Cathedral of Segovia.

I am very excited to make this place my home for this semester and I am sure it will have a special place in my heart (it already does).