HKU Medical Campus





The Main Building is the symbol of HKU. Many marriage and cosplay photography is taken place in the vicinity of this gorgeous building!

On the first day of CCCH9029 – Ideas and Practices of Healing in Traditional China, I spoke with the leading professor about my interests in Chinese Medicine. He offered to look at my resume and set me up with one of his Ph.D students. Today, I went to see him where he gave me several packets of class lectures, his cirriculum vitae and chapter excerpt about his lab work. The focus of his research lab is the study of how Chinese herbal extracts influence the healing of neurological ischemic perfusions and strokes. Another aspect he studies is the healing of neurological damages via stimulation of neurogenesis by activation of gene regulators.

I also went to the Li Ka Shing Medical School facilities and Yu Chun Keung Medical Library. The upper floor features a Chinese medical collection while the lower floor has Western medical literature. Other features such as Chinese and English videos and DVD collection is available for students to check out.

The main building house lecture rooms for students from the medical, pharmacy and nursing programs.