Headed East







HI Everyone!

This semester I’m headed to Hong Kong and I’m thrilled! My school, FIT, does an exchange program with Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) in their Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC). As such, I’m going to be taking some of my core (fashion & business) classes here. This past week leading up to my departure has been CRAY!

I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Trying to re-home my 3 cats, pack, and to add insult to injury, Mother Nature graced us with a blizzard! #BombCyclone.

It was an adventure, but somehow I made it through and now I’m all set for this 16 hour flight. I hope that I can maintain half of the poise & regality that this dog has by the time we land in Taiwan.

Basically living their best life!


Farewell NYC! 

See you this summer!!


pt. 2

When planning my travel to Hong Kong, I booked a flight with an extended layover in Taiwan. My original plan was to leave the airport and head out to do some sightseeing. Unfortunately, our departure from JFK was 2.5+ hours delayed, so I opted to just stay in the airport. For those of you who might plan to travel to Asia, I highly recommend a transfer through Taiwan (for the airport alone) lol. It is basically a mall/resort with oodles of options for everyone. Shopping, lounges, work-out rooms, playgrounds, and restaurants galore. I had my first noodles of this journey, perused the periodicals & grabbed some shots of the Hello Kitty space next to my exit gate.

The flight from Taiwan is only two hours – so, I’ll be in Hong Kong before I know it.
















A few of my fellow HKPU exchange classmates were on the same connecting flight and met up to take the trip from the airport, on Chek Lap Kok Island, to our dorms in Hung Hom (which is in the Kowloon City District). One thing I really appreciated was the fact that HKPU set us up with ‘Buddies’ so we’d have a local contact before we even arrived. One of my fellow ITC classmates, Jessica, had her buddy (Kathy) meet us and guide us to our dorms for check-in. The journey was about 45 min. – 1 hr. by bus.

Here’s where I’ll be for the next 5 months!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated too.  If you’re in school, what does your winter/spring term look like?