Harry Potter & Scotland!




A day in Scotland

My two friends and I came to Edinburgh, Scotland to kick-off our Easter break. Our journey started off very early in the morning, especially for me because I could not sleep due to excitement so I ended up sleeping one hour that night. We took the train from Falmer station at 5 in the morning and then from Brighton to the Gatwick airport. Luckily we got to Edinburgh relatively early, at 11 in the morning. We took another train that took us to the city centre and from there we wandered our way to our hostel. This was the beginning of an adventure!

One of the things we did in Edinburgh was that we went on a free Harry Potter tour! I’m a fan of Harry Potter but I learned so much from how Harry Potter came to be and what J.K. Rowling did to get to publish such iconic books. This tour consisted of roaming Edinburgh and making pit stops at places such as Elephant House, where the second and third book were written. Also, passed by the Balmoral hotel in which J.K. Rowling rented a room for an extended period, we are talking weeks here, of time to be able to concentrate on finishing the last book of the series. Fun fact is that a single night at the Balmoral is £1,000. I’m so glad we did this tour first because I learned about Scotland and of Harry Potter all at once!

While on the tour I learned that the official animal of Scotland is the unicorn and in the H.P. books the unicorn is one of the most powerful creatures and hence why Voldermort kills them!  I was just fascinated with the fact that so much thought went into these books and the back stories of it all extends so much into the real world, its beliefs and its history!

Aside from that, Scotlnd had a very prominent similarity with England in terms of aspects. Nonetheless, the unique shops, monuments, and distinct accent were astonishing to me. Like how there was an iconic dog named Bobby and has it’s own gravestone and statue!!If this intrigues you then you must visit here to find out more!

I definetly would love to explore Scotland further because it’s a luscious, green, and historical country. Below are my favorite pictures from the trip!