The hardest part of the Study Abroad Program is to say good bye




It was a month of fun, experiences, education and hard work. As they say, whatever has a beginning must have an end. My study abroad program has come to an end. This early morning of Friday the 21st of September, I am preparing to leave for Queretaro Airport on my way back to Washington State.  My mind is preoccupied with good memories with bouts of sadness in my heart. My stay in Mexico has been wonderful, and the host families were remarkable. I wish to thank them very much for making my stay as comfortable as can be. We had a lot of fun at the dinner table every day. Lots of laughs, lots of Spanish language and Spanish culture experiences. I could not have asked for more. There is a French saying that “all that starts well, ends well”. I am glad that my stay has ended well. The Spanish school where I was based for my teaching classes was wonderful. It had great and loving staff who made my learning fun and memorable.  I am glad that my spoken Spanish has really improved to an extent that I never expected.

Above all, my teaching practicum was very enriching. I had the opportunity to experience teaching in all institutions within the Queretaro education system from primary school to university level. I came in as a student teacher and am leaving as a certified Teacher for English to speakers of other languages (TESOL/TOEFL) . It was quite a great experience. I not only feel confident as a certified teacher, but very sure that the classroom management, the teaching strategies and the practical class experience I got here will go a long way to help those who will be looking up to me as a teacher.

Now, it is time to head back to the US and to help those whose American dreams are being thwarted by incompetence in the English language. I can’t wait to get back and to get down to business; teaching and volunteering. I have learned a lot about the Spanish students’ background and culture which is going to be very valuable in understanding the appropriate approach to facilitate their second language acquisition. It is sad to say good bye to a place that started to feel like a second home to me.

All of this would not have been possible without the sponsorship and support from the Fund for Education Abroad. I want to thank you very much for the good work you are doing. I am proud to be a first-generation alumnus of FEA. Muchas gracias a ustedes por todos. Enjoy the videos in the link below.

Farewell party and diplomas presentation- OLE Spanish School- Queretaro: