Harajuku Exploration! – Week 3






June 16th

Is it Week 3 already? It feels like it’s still the beginning of week 2…

It’s getting weird to think I’ve been away from America alone for over a month. I still talk to my friends at least once a day, and I have even more friends here!

I managed to slip out of work again for an Intern meeting on Tuesday, with some of my intern friends. Afterwards we went to Harajuku! I had sooooo much fun there, everything was so cute! I managed to get a few outfits and some really yummy food too.

Even better yet, I got to see one of my old friends from Japanese high school while I was here! I introduced him to some of my roommates and we ended up laughing and playing dumb card games until we passed out. It was really refreshing to see such an old friend!

The rest of this week has just consisted of me editing my videos from the Toy Expo together and working out though… I’m getting really bummed out by my internship. I realized its been so stressful, I managed to lose a bunch of weight… I think I’ve lost 5 kilos so far? I guess I can’t be complaining too much, weight-loss is supposed to be good right?

Hopefully it ends soon, so I can get back to actually enjoying myself! I want to see everything Tokyo has to offer, and I’m so excited to get back to exploring!

Hopefully next week will be better!