Hakusan: My new home




Welcome to Hakusan

My Tokyo adventures truly began on my journey to Hakusan, a small area within the heart of the city. This district is well known for hosting Japan’s best universities, so it fits with our academic/professional needs. Once I arrived, I saw a beautiful landscape that breathed the Japanese culture with every step I walked. This neighborhood had businesses to the left and temples and shrines to the right, a perfect mixture of tradition and modern culture.

   Hakusan Townsquare.

     Hakusan Temple.

While looking for my dorm, I walked around and witnessed the politeness of the Japanese first-hand. In supermarkets, restaurants and even in train stations, the people around me displayed good manners by bowing and welcoming me to their establishment. It felt refreshing to see that a community that cares for others that don’t even speak their language fluently. Finally, after a few minutes of walking and touring around, I arrived at the place in which I will provide me with a home for the next two months: Unifest Student’s House.

    My Bedroom.

Uninest Student’s House           (Hakusan House).

After signing into my new room, I socialized with my fellow neighbors and we got along fairly quickly. Although my new friends come from different cultural backgrounds, we managed to strike a strong conversation with one another. As a result, I made lifelong friends that I can explore the world with and witness new viewpoints from.

In conclusion, Tokyo contains many hidden gems that are shown in many different ways. In this case, it’s by many different types of people that go through the same experiences as another. As I continue my journeys around Tokyo, I hope to keep making new friends which who could help open my eyes to the cultural and technological beauty that Japan has to offer.