HAJIMEMASHOU! First Week of School





So after a long week of getting settled into our lives here in Japan, everyone was quite excited for the start of classes.  For me, I found that my placement test went better than I had thought, for I was placed in level 4 out of the 7 levels.  I am now extremely glad that I stuck it out and stayed in that 400 level class at my university last semester.  However, we found out that we weren’t quite over the hill yet for there is still a review test given at the end of the week to see if you are in fact capable to handle the level you were put in.  And so began a grueling week of review of vocabulary and grammar.

Beside the Japanese language classes we were able to take up to 3 lecture courses that are taught in English.  My choices were Japanese Art in Kansai Area, Body and Communication in Japan, and Sumi-e (Japanese Brush Painting).  It’s been really weird to not have at least one science class a day since I’m a Biology major, but I like it, it gives me a chance to enjoy my other passion, art. 

Saturday was our seminar house’s welcome party and it was amazing.  We went to Kyoto for an all-dessert buffet place called Sweet Paradise, it was about the most epic place I’ve ever been to.  There were rows of cakes in every forms and shape imaginable, and even a strawberry fondue fountain for your own Pocky creations!  After stuffing ourselves near sugar-coma state, we went exploring Shijo where there are many shops that sell from comic books to figurines to fashion-forward clothes. 

The first week of school is always a hectic one and it’s even worse when you’re in a new enviroment.  It is somewhat fortunate that the Japanese school year doesn’t start until April which means we have 2 months to enjoy the empty campus before it’s packed with 10,000 (true number) extra students!!


heaven's buffets

strawberry fondue

Jisho shopping district in Kyoto