Guess who came to visit Florence last week…..


On Tuesday morning (11/10/15) Pope Francis landed in Florence, it was crazy busy that I was an hour late to my first class. While I was walking to class taking the usual route, everywhere I turn is blocked by guards/police or there will be a huge crowd in that direction. I had to take multiple routes to get to the other side of city, while I was getting frustrated I couldn’t help but stare at people’s face expressions and how excited they are to see the Pope. I wanted to know why, what is so important about Pope Francis? I was told that Catholics believe the  Pope is God’s representative on earth, and that he should spread guidance through the bible. That day, was basically a holiday for the Italians, schools and businesses were closed for that special day. Sadly, my school was still in session *laughing* I had that the chance to see the Pope and I am glad that I was apart of this special day with the city of Florence.
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Currently today is Saturday and the time is 11:41 am. We all are aware of what had happened in Paris. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attack. Stay strong Paris!