Guatemalan Slang







Okay y’all, I’m coming up on my last week here so it’s time to prove I’ve actually learned something. My favorite thing about language is how complex it is. So yeah, there are several nations that speak Spanish, but it varies a little country to country. So I’m in Guatemala and I’ve picked up a couple of phrases.

Here are my favorites!

chillero:[chi-lair-oh]Can be used to say “cool” as in “oh this is really cool!/ es muy chillero!”Or as a response to someoneas in “I went to the market today/Yo fue al mercado hoy” “Cool!/Chillero!”

que mango!:[kay mah-ngo]Can be used when talking about how handsome or pretty someone is!as in “look at this cutie on tv, que mango!”

(Note: Don’t use these phrases all willy nilly! They have a clear context and only make sense when speaking Spanish in Guatemala. Using other people’s languages to make yourself sound cool is not cute!)