Last week, things went back to normal at the university regarding the strike. However, because of the new developments concerning COVID, the use of masks is mandatory again in school facilities and also in public transportation and public spaces. Christmas celebrations have been canceled, and some people are back working from home. In-person seminars will stay as scheduled since next week is the last week of classes. I have continued working on my essays and have submitted all four due in December. I have finished the fifth one now, about Chinese foreign policy in the South China Sea, and I have started researching and reading about the U.N. peacekeeping operations. This is the second topic I have chosen for the module on The United Nations. On Wednesday evening, Wafaa had some of the neighbors over for dinner; we had a lovely time! I was also able to say goodbye to a couple of them because they will be away for Christmas, and I won’t get another chance to see them. On Saturday, I went to Greenwich again. From there, the view of the city of London is great. I enjoy walking around the area and visiting the Greenwich market, which has many antiques and art items. I also went by the Royal Naval College; it is a beautiful building! I did not stay very long because it was a very cold day, but I did stop for some Chinese food. Next week, I will stop by to see Julie, Sarah, and Liz to say goodbye, wish them a Merry Christmas, and give them the gifts I got for them. Mick is already gone, but I will leave his gift with Wafaa. I had a wonderful time here in Herne Bay because of the people I have met; it is sad to say goodbye, but I am sure we will stay in touch.