Greece During Easter Break!







My trip to Santorini was indescribable! Greece was one of the best countries I have ever explored with the most amazing food. After a couple of flights, I found myself in Santorini Greece on a sunny Thursday morning. This blog will walk you through my adventure around the beautiful island.

On the day of arrival, my friend and I were very exhausted from the long night of travel so we did not do much. We spent most of the day enjoying our time at the hotel pool with a magnificent view of the ocean. Later that day, we grabbed dinner at a place in Akrotiri and I got chicken in Souvlaki. After this, we decided to take a nice walk to the Akrotiri LightHouse during the sunset and it was a beautiful view. During the walk, we saw a lot of nice white and blue buildings. There were also grape vines, which were everywhere. There were lots of fields filled with these grape vines that are very low to the ground and shaped like baskets. At the lighthouse there was a food truck, and although I was not hungry because I had eaten dinner, I could not resist the chicken souvlaki, so I ordered some to go, and it was so tasty. When we got back to the hotel the sun had completely set, so we watched a movie and decided to plan the next couple of days because we had not made an itinerary yet.

Day two in Santorini was very exciting! We went into the city center of Fira and explored. We walked around everywhere and made sure to stop at every little shop. There were a lot of unique, interesting souvenirs, and everything was blue and white as expected. The city center was pretty busy but I’m sure it gets a lot more packed during the summertime and this fact was mentioned by many locals we came across. We got the opportunity to see a lot of sights, and everything was unreal and beautiful. For lunch, my friend and I tried this local restaurant with a nice view of the volcano, and of course, we ordered gyros. These chicken gyros were so great that we promised the owners we’d be back before we left Santorini. After this large meal, we were extremely exhausted and decided it would be best for us to head back to the house and plan for the next day.

The night before day 3, we scheduled a bus tour around Santorini, and although this day was exhausting, every second was worth it. This tour allowed us to see most of the island and areas that we would not be able to visit on our own, and it was all scheduled at an appropriate time. On this tour, we were able to visit the red beach, perissa beach, a traditional winery, Ancient Akrotiri, and many other sights. We were also able to visit Oia which is the most popular and beautiful place in Santorini. We visited Oia in time to see the sunset; however, it was a very cloudy day, so the view was not too great, but still beautiful. Overall this day was very packed and a bit hectic because there was so much to see, but everything worked out, and we had a long productive day.

On days 4 and 5 the weather only continued to get worse and, although this was very unfortunate because it limited our possibilities to explore, both my friend and I felt like the first three days were great, and we saw so much of the island that we were satisfied. To be specific, on day 4, I went to this spa in Fira to get a facial which was very relaxing. We wanted to explore more of the city; however, the wind was picking up very quickly, and things did not look well for us, so we decided it would be best if we went to the hotel. Day 5 was very similar; however, we did not even go outside. We spent this entire day inside, ordering room service for meals and working on our assignments. This does not sound like the ideal day for a small getaway on an island to many, but this day was very relaxing and it gave us a chance to catch up on all of our studies before the school week started again. My friend and I watched lots of movies and enjoyed each other’s company as we listened to the harsh storm that was happening outside.

Santorini was a dream come true! Despite the bad weather towards the end of my trip, I will always remember Santorini to be one of my favorite places because it was so much fun. The food was amazing, and the sights were unmatched. This island holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to one day visit again.

Talk soon,