Granada and Sevilla


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit two cities in southern Spain with my roommate and some friends. We visited Sevilla and Granada. I really enjoyed both cities because they were very different from Segovia and Madrid which are the other two places I have been to in Spain.


In Sevilla I visited the Plaza de España, which was built in 1914. I loved how the city center was full of historical places such as Torre Giralda and Alcazar. It was also nice to see dancers on the street dancing to flamenco, a dance predominant in the community of Andalucia, which Sevilla is part of.


In Granada I was able to walk outside the Alhambra which was the royal residence and court of Granada in the mid-13th century. Although I did not have the chance to visit inside the Alhambra due to sold-out tickets, the views from the outside were beautiful. I also had the opportunity to visit the museum which displayed Art Emirate and Caliphate.

Both places were beautiful and full of history. I am grateful to have gained some insight into the culture of southern Spain.