Goodbye Seoul!





My study abroad experience has come to an end and it is hard to say goodbye to something that I have gotten used to for six weeks. These few weeks I have learned to live independently, becoming an outgoing individual, and understand basic Korean.

At the beginning of my beginning Korean class, I hated it and would thread it when the class comes around. I would always make mistakes in class, so I made sure to study every night and an hour before class started. In the end, I got used to the class and now it is the class I miss the most. I will also miss the food in Korea. With the cheap prices and delicious varieties of food, every meal was something I always looked forward to. 

This is a photo I took while eating Korean bbq. This is really popular in Korea and is found in almost every corner. Usually, I look for the locations with all-you-can-eat kbbq along with affordable prices so I can enjoy the whole meal. At this place in Hongdae, there were three separate prices that offer different meats or upgrades for each price.

During the weekdays, I spend my time at school so I am able to study and prepare for my classes. In this case, I eat at the food courts and my favorite meal to order is ramen with riceball. This meal totals up to around $3; which is pretty cheap!

Lastly, I was able to explore Kwangjang market with my friends. It was built between 1957 and 1959, so it is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in Korea. It is so popular that it was featured in the Netflix series called “Street Food.” Personally, I did not get to try as much food as I wanted because the weather was too hot, but I would love to go back!

Overall, Seoul has given me a wonderful experience and I was able to meet new people from all around the world. This summer was unforgettable and I can’t thank FEA enough for helping me accomplish my dream of studying abroad in Seoul!