Goodbye Gwangju! Thank you for everything. I will be back soon!





Hello! 안녕하세요 – Annyeonghaseyo

During my last week in Gwangju, South Korea, I had many different feelings and thoughts in my mind. I felt happy because I had found myself a lot of wonderful friends and a lovely family. I felt proud because I was a good leader in the team project and did well in class.

However, I still felt like time was short and there were many other things that I did not have chances to experience. Also, I felt nostalgic and sad to say goodbye to everyone and all the good time we had. The last week was a very emotional week for me.

After presenting our team project, I spent time to go visit my host family one last time before I leave Korea. I was very happy because they were still very excited and welcomed me warmly like the first time we met. The mother and her kids came to the dorm to pick me up and drove me to the traditional museum.

Thanks to them, I have known more about Korean traditions and costumes. Then, we went back home and cooked the meal with my brothers and sister. We had a lot of good memories together and I felt very sad when we had to say goodbye. I hope that we will have a chance to meet again in the near future.


A corner of the traditional museum that I went with my host family.


My last picture with the mother from my host family.

Also, I had to go purchase the bus ticket to Incheon airport before my return day. At first, I went on the website of the bus station to buy the ticket. Unfortunately, they did not approve of the global card when paying online. Therefore, I decided to make a trip to downtown, where the bus station is, to buy the ticket and go around one last time.

On Thursday, I went with two other friends and my Korean buddy to U-square, the main bus station of Gwangju, to buy the bus tickets. Then we went around to find a Korean poem book and buy some souvenirs. We believed that the Korean poem book would keep a good memory for all of us, as well as motivate us to learn more Korean.

During the trip to downtown, we talked about all the time we had together, all the field trips that brought a lot of memories. Also, we made a plan to meet each other again in the future. We started thinking about where we want to meet and the places we want to visit. Then, we thought about our saving plan and made a goal to travel together.


We found a bus route from our school to U-square directly.

On the last day in Gwangju, I was very emotional. On the farewell party, we had a chance to look back to all the trips we went and all the activities we did together since the first day. Besides, I prepared some gifts for my Korean buddies, my classmates, and my teammates. I bought some Texas postcards, key chains and magnets to help them remember me, as well as introduce Texas to people from all over the world.

In return, I have received a lot of gifts from my Korean buddies and my classmates. When I prepared to leave Gwangju, all of my friends came to say goodbye and help me put my luggage on the taxi. I felt very happy and I appreciated all the love from my friends.


It was very hard to say goodbye to my wonderful friends!


Gifts and letters from my lovely friends!

My learning abroad program in Gwangju, South Korea has ended with much new knowledge, good memories, and beautiful friendships. Participating in this program is one of my greatest decision. I have learned a lot from this trip, not only knowledge for my major but also about culture, interaction, and life.

As Mrs. Shinhye Kang, the coordinator of Chonnam National University International Summer Session, told us during the orientation day “After just one month in this program, you will learn a lot of things and this program will help you become a better person and be more independent.”

Also, I would like to say thank you to all that helped me make my learning abroad experience succeed. I really appreciate the supports from my home school – the University of Houston, USAC – affiliated programmer, and FEA scholarship. Thanks to all the supports, I have had a chance to live my best life in Korea. In the future, I will try to work harder and use the knowledge I learned from the program to serve the community and help other students.

Thank you! 감사합니다 – Kamsahamnida