Good Morning Ireland


Good Morning from Dublin. That’s right, today I awoke in the beautiful country of Ireland… or Southern Ireland also known as the Republic of Ireland, which is not part of Great Britain. I got here at 10pm Thursday night, which was only a few hours ago for most of you, but for me was about hours ago.

This week has been pretty uneventful for me due to a cold I been trying to fight off. It seems to has the upper hand right now thought because I have really bad sore throat.  I been eating soups and drinking teas, and I even took some medicine, but this cold is persistent.

I did get a chance to attend the British Film Festival, where i saw a wonder Japanese animated movie called The Boy and The Beast, by Mamoru Hosoda, the creator of one my favorite anime shows, Digimon. To see my review of the movie, which is also an assignment for one my classes, just click the link below.

BFI Film

Well it’s time to go and concur Ireland, so until next time you fiends…

Put some chalkies on it!


P.S. Shout out to the Staff and students of the Aspire and Bridge Programs at Mt. SAC. I really appreciate the care package you all sent me. Thank you. 20151020_032900 20151020_032921 20151020_032956 20151020_073555_HDR IMG_20151016_123956 IMG_20151016_124104 IMG_20151016_124139 IMG_20151016_124533 IMG_20151016_130419 IMG_20151016_134747 20151018_024252