Good Morning Amsterdam


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That’s right, today I woke up in Amsterdam. Going to see some of the sites like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, also, I will be going on a hop on-hop off boat tour.


This week was pretty good. Besides going to classes, eating fish and chips, and club hopping in Camden Town, I went to ride the London Eye this past weekend. And man, that ferris wheel is huge, really huge. Every cart can carry up to 20 people, and it takes 30 minutes for on cart to complete a full revolution. From the top you can see almost all of London, and it offers a very spectacular view. Also, including in the price of one ticket is some other things like a boat cruise, champagne experience, and an attraction pass that lets you add other experiences to your London Eye visit, like going to the Sea Life London Aquarium, or visiting the London Dungeon. One thing is including in the London Eye visit for free is the 4D Experience. Which is quick 5 minute movie, which can include pictures of your London Eye visit if choose to pay for them.

Besides seeing the London eye, I also went to see the well renown play The Book of Mormon by the creators of South Park. If you are a rudy-poo, easily offended, and faint of heart then i do not recommend seeing this musical, but you aren’t a complete square-butt, then this play while having laughing so hard wine will burst from your nose. Although, I did not laugh as much as I wanted to, I did enjoy the musical and it’s themes very much. Tickets are hard to get and a bit pricey, but it is well worth the wait and cost of admission.


It is around noon time here in Amsterdam, I will be leaving my hotel soon to go check out the sites, as soon as I figure how to catch the bus out here. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and until next…

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