Going Into the Office For the First Time & Appreciating My Friends (Week 13)


Week 13, has been a very good week. I started out the week celebrating one of my friends birthdays. It was probably one of my favourite days so far on this trip. We decorated a cake for him and stayed in to celebrate since it was on a Monday. I think one thing I completely underestimated about this trip was how close I was going to get with the other people on this trip. I hope that the friendships I have made here last a good while. Continuing the week, I went into the office for the first time. My internship is practically all online so I was happy to be able to go in at least once. Our office is located in Brixton which is only about 25 minutes away if you take the tube from Gloucester road. I was a bit nervous about the commute and if it was going to be busy. Luckily, since I start a bit later than most people do the tube was not as busy as I thought on the way there.

My first day in the office was actually a good one. I enjoyed being able to leave the flat and work somewhere else that wasn’t as distracting. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed having stable and reliable wifi. Being in the office was good because I was finally able to meet my coworkers in person. They all seemed to act like they knew each other very well, which in a sense seemed pretty welcoming to me. I will say that it didn’t feel that different to what or how I would have worked like at home. The only difference is that I was in the office. It was however an enjoyable experience but I am happy I do not have to commute every day.

I only went in to the office that one day and worked the rest from home. Because the wifi in our flat building is not reliable, I went to work at a coffee shop near by with one of my closest freinds. It is called Ole & Steen and they have the best vanilla oat milk late’s I have ever had. We worked there for a couple of hours and went back home when we got hungry. This week I did not do much of my own writing. I fixed up the website and was adding information to fact sheets that had already been published.

One thing that I took out from this week was how much I appreciate the friendships I’ve made here. Before coming on this trip, I didn’t really know anyone from my grade and now I’ve built relationships with a lot of people that I did not expect. I didn’t expect to get as close as I did with them. I know I keep saying that I’m super gratful for the opportunities I’ve gotten to be here but it’s true. I will never stop being grateful. As this week ended I thought a lot about how much time we have left on this trip. There’s only two more weeks and I am not looking forward to leaving this place.

*pictures are of the office where my internship is located!