God of Gold




A luxury store is just around the corner in the fashion capital. With the history of many high-end brands being created in Paris, numerous museums have been developed to showcase the start of their success. This week I had the opportunity to go to La Galerie Dior in the 8th arrondissement. I recommend buying a ticket online in advance because the line to enter every hour gets long, and you may spend more time in line than inside. The total price for a ticket is 12 euros. However, with a student ID, you can enter for 8 euros. The museum takes place on the top floor, as you enter to marvel at the beautiful gowns and sketches of the beloved Christian Dior. Dior started by creating hats which grew in popularity when published in the local newspaper. The name Dior originates from the French word “D’Or,” meaning gold or golden, in which he utilized the power of his name in his fashion after becoming a success. He had a collection of gold clothing and was referred to as the “God of Gold.” Dieu means God, and Or means Gold – DiOr. He was not only a world-famous courier in style, but he created a perfume called “Miss Dior” inspired by his sister that was a hit and advertised using unique and striking posters to represent the essence of the fragrance. My favorite part of the museum was the staircase, which was the exhibit’s highlight—different objects created by Dior in numerous colors varying in size surrounded the walls. I recommend allotting two hours to explore this grand gallery. I have a lot of other museums on my list, and I look forward to sharing them with you!