Go 고려대학교!





Something that I used to do a lot back at home to unwind was attend my university’s basketball games. When the semester’s assignments became too much or if we needed a change of pace that didn’t require spending money, my friends and I would make time to attend the home games. It was a time to relax, watch a nice game, and eat concession stand foods. The boy’s basketball games at UNC Charlotte would usually always have a big turn out and you could expect the majority of people to show up for weekend games.

I was curious as to how the college games would compare to the games back at home. I have been to a couple basketball games here so far, and while it is completely different, it is still really fun to attend and it’s nice to see how basketball game excitement transcends cultures. The gymnasium where the games are held is quite close to the dorms, so walking to the area is not as tiring as it is compared to walking anywhere else on this hill-y campus. When you arrive there isn’t music playing on speakers, long lines of people waiting to get in through security, or concession stands like how it is in America. You simply walk in and go to find your seat.

The rules and expectations of the players are quite different when compared to American standards as well. My friends and I found ourselves quite surprised at some of the plays and fouls that were/weren’t called throughout the game. Despite it being very different, we found it extremely fun being able to watch our school’s team win against the other teams. Apparently, Korea University’s basketball team is well-renowned; and we saw this as our team’s points consistently rose on the scoreboard.

I cannot wait to attend basketball games back at home this fall and compare them even further after having experienced Korean basketball games in person.