GIVING BACK to my beloved TAIWAN


This was a great experience, I never knew I could actually control so many kids as well (well, as mediocre) as I did! It was just a natural joy for Christmas, no eggnog required****subject to change

 I really must say that I’m very pleased in how the “Giving Back” effort took place. December 20th until New Year’s weren’t really my finest days. Partly due to this being my first time away from home during Thanksgiving. What was an alright alternative to Thanksgiving had me not so amped up for Christmas, so I did everything possible that I thought would get me in my own holiday cheer: self-made Christmas tree, Lambrusco wine, Christmas carols. That was Christmas Eve, but on actual Christmas, what in the world was I going to do? To everybody else around me, even some fellow international students, Christmas didn’t have a meaning to them. This was going to suck. Then Christmas Eve night as I was on my 15-minute Facebook break, I came across a post in one of the local pages here and it advertised “Just play games with my English class and I’ll treat you to a gift card.” In my depression, I went ahead and messaged him. He was a private English instructor for a Taiwanese after-school program and needed someone to take his spot, and I was the first to claim it. So, after attending my own candy-filled day of Chinese class, I substituted 2 hours of English tutoring and musical chairs with 12 Taiwanese kids for the early part of my Christmas evening! Next, it was off to a lovely Canadian friend’s house for a traditional Christmas meal. Thankfully, my Christmas wishes of innocence and cheer were fulfilled.