Getting sick




This week I got sick after coming home from a weekend trip. I actually got sick towards the end of the trip but I did not let it keep me from enjoying the city and doing different activities.

I visited Paris and I fell in love with it. I went to the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and Sacré-Cœur. I loved Paris because there is beauty everywhere you look. I also had really good Italian and French food, and of course, delicious crepes. I also got to see a friend from my hometown in Mexico who now lives in Paris. We talked about how crazy it was that we went from a little small town in Mexico to seeing each other in a place like Paris. It was almost surreal.

Eiffel Tower.
Louvre Museum.
Notre Dame.

This trip taught me to prepare better before going somewhere. Although I did check the weather, it was colder than I expected and I did not bring the appropriate jacket. I think this was the reason why I got sick.

After the Trip

Coming back to Segovia after the trip was tiring. After taking a flight, I have to take the bus from Madrid and then walk home with all my stuff. It was also colder in Segovia so the weather did not help me feel better. On my way to Segovia I saw the mountains covered in snow and although they looked beautiful, I could not help but think how cold these last two months will be. I think out of all the things I have had to adapt during my time here, the cold will be the most difficult one. I have never lived in a place where cold weather is common.

Now that I am back in Segovia, I have to catch up on schoolwork and plan to register for classes at my home university. It’s been hard to prioritize registration when I am so far away and feeling like I have so much time. Although I am excited to be back and see my family and friends, I know it will be hard to say goodbye to my friends and my life here.