One day after class, I had a strange feeling. Like a voice calling out to me, guiding me through the city. As I aimlessly wandered around the city, the pull became stronger. I did not know what I was looking for, but I knew that I needed to find whatever was causing this disturbance. However, I could not refuse myself the delicious food I found on my way to wherever it was I was going.

This restaurant served various types of hamburgers that were by far the best in the city in my opinion. After I had finished my lunch, I felt close, close to wherever I needed to be that day. I continued down the street and started to see unfamiliar symbols and I knew I was near to my destination.

Strange Symbols!
hmmm… it appears they serve food and drinks.

I finally found what had been calling to me, the coolest place in Irkutsk!


As I entered the building and walked down the stairs into the underground establishment, I found a completely different world.

I was even given a lightsaber and a clone-trooper mask.

I never knew that Darth Vader played the guitar.

As the night went on the place began to fill with local Russians and I took a seat to watch the night unfold.

A little while later, people from all over the galaxy began to show up and put on a show for the locals.

Interesting contraption he has there. He must be from Tatooine.

They were not the only ones who showed up to put on a show. As others soon took to the floor to perform.

There were others who took to the floor by themselves and some who fought each other on stage.

Needless to say, the night was going well. But then, Stormtroopers burst through the front door. The room fell silent. They marched towards the bar scanning the room as they walked by. After a brief conversation with the manager, they then walked over to the dance floor and removed everyone from it. We thought the show was going to end. I was thinking to myself, what do Stormtroopers do on their free time? Do they ever even get free time? It is a question that has been asks for many years, and tonight it was finally answered.




Although they can’t aim, they sure can dance well. Everything was going great and everyone was relieved that nothing had been shut down. Then, a sudden fear fell over everyone. The music cutout, it felt cold and out from the shadows stumbled in….






The Stormtroopers quickly returned to their seats at the bar and acted like they were there the whole time. After a few moments, Vader bellowed, “Who is in charge?” Someone shouted a name that I could not make out and Vader replied “Bring him to me!” Vader went to the window and waited.

The manager came out and Vader asked him a few questions. Then the manager called out two names.

Vader dismissed the manager as the two individuals approached.

As it turns out, Vader frequents these sort of establishments for recruiting new troops to fight for the Empire.

He could have used some kind of mind trick to convince them or just made empty promises. I think he did what Vader does best and simply explained that they either join the Empire or fall to his blade. They seemed excited and even got a Hi-Five from Vader. He then immediately left the building and the Troopers were back at it again.

It was a very interesting place to visit and to see everyone participate. Would not have expected a place like this to be in Irkutsk Russia.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the story.

See you next time!