Fun Timessss




I know in my last journal entry I said that last week was the best week thus far, but this week definitely topped it! This is my last week here in Oaxaca, and it is very bittersweet. I wished it hadn’t took me so long to adapt, but I am going to make the best out of the time I have left. This week has been the busiest since we’ve gotten here.

For starters, we have our final project and final exam this Friday. The final exam will consist of some vocabulary but mostly grammar. With daily studying, I am not as worried about doing well. The final project on the other end is what I’m worried about. I have to create a video that includes me reading letter to my best friend describing and reflecting on my time here in Oaxaca while my pictures and videos play in the background.

Seems simple, huh? What makes it so hard is that I have so much to say and don’t know how to weave it all together! Plus, we have to introduce ourselves in Spanish and say our goals that we had for the trip before we play our video. I’m going to work on it nonstop so it is perfected before Friday!

On Monday, we left Oaxaca City, and headed to Zicatela Beach! It was a 7 hours bus ride that included a lot of windy roads! The bus ride was awful haha! But it was all worth it when we arrived. Our hotel was gorgeous, but the beach was better! We spent all day Monday at that beach which had a lot of big waves.

It was so much fun to finally relax and enjoy the company of everyone. After we left the beach, we all went to this really amazing seafood place and ate until our bellies were full. We showered and went to one of the popular clubs on the beach. I never had so much fun. But the next day, it got better.

On Tuesday, we traveled to the beaches of Zapotalito and Chacahua. When we got there, we boarded two motor boats and enjoyed a boat tour that included sailing through mangroves, bird watching, learning about wildlife, and a visit to a crocodile farm.  The crocodiles were HUGE! I made the mistake and dropped my sunglasses near their cage, and the moment that I got back up, all of them had raced to the corner where I had dropped my sunglasses.

If I had stayed there a moment later, I may have lost my arm. After that scary encounter, I was able to hold a baby crocodile. I was so happy to enjoy facing my fears! After that, we took a tour of the island, ate the freshest seafood I ever had, and spent time on the beach of Chacahua, home of a distinct Afro-Mexican population. What was so great about the food is that they actually go catch the food so everything remains fresh. It was delicious. The people there was so friendly and it was so refreshing to meet people who shared something with me.

Now, I’m back and ready to ace these finals! Wish me luck!