Fulong Beach!






Hello there, fellow explorers! Let me tell you about a terrific experience I had with my buddies in Fulong Beach in Taiwan. It was a wonderful day, and we couldn’t wait to explore together.

First, the best way to get to Fulong Beach from Taipei is to start on the MRT, depending on where you are located, and ride to Taipei Main Station. This way you can catch a local train to Fulong. The trip there should take around an hour and is overall affordable! Coming in at around $150 NTD (or $5 USD). After you arrive you have to walk from the station to the beach and pay a $300 NTD entrance fee (About $10 USD). But trust me, it was totally worth it! As soon as we walked a crossed the bridge, we were greeted by the soft, and golden sand with a gentle breeze from the sea.

The beach was alive and there was so much to do. We decided to discover the ideal location for our picnic. We spread out our colorful blankets and put up our picnic basket, which was stocked with delectable delicacies such as sandwiches, fresh fruits, and tasty snacks.

Once our tummies were satisfied, we couldn’t resist exploring the incredible Disney-themed sandcastles on the beach. It was like stepping into another world! Talented artists had sculpted the sand to depict some of the most beloved Disney movies! Characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and even Buzz Lightyear were included! We couldn’t stop taking pictures with our favorite characters and wondering how such complex pieces could be created out of sand.

We decided to play beach games after our fantastic meeting with Disney on the beach. We made our own sandcastles, competed in friendly sandcastle-building contests, and giggled at the strange forms we made. Some of us swam around in the moderate waves, while others collected seashells and lovely pebbles as mementos.

Unfortunately, due to an unexpected storm, our time was cut short, which irritated us at first. But as we rode back home, we couldn’t stop chatting about how much fun we had. My trip to Fulong Beach with my companions was very unforgettable. The lovely sandy beaches, Disney-themed sandcastles, and delightful picnic made it a day to remember.

Fulong Beach is more than just a beach; it is a destination of joy and adventure for me and my friends. We felt the warmth of the sun we walked in and the joy it created until we departed. So, if you ever get the opportunity to visit Taiwan, make Fulong Beach a priority. So, gather your friends, pack a picnic, and head to Fulong Beach for a day of fun, laughing, and memories that last a lifetime. Have fun exploring!