Frustration with not being fluent in Italian




This week has been particularly frustrating for me with not being fluent in the Italian language. It affected me this week even more because I encountered so many instances where I couldn’t say or express myself the way I wanted to in Italian. I get so frustrated sometimes because I feel like I have missed out on so many friendships or opportunities to have a genuine conversation due to my lack of Italian language skills.

There’s been plenty of times where the natives tell me that my Italian is good, but I know it’s not good enough. Not good enough to show my true personality and say everything that I want to say. Not only that, but many times I get nervous because I don’t want to say the wrong words, and instead I end up forgetting words that I actually do know. I just second-guess myself a lot and end up being worse at speaking than my true potential. I overthink a lot instead of just letting the words flow out naturally.

Anyway, I say this week has been particularly frustrating because during my Italian classes, there have been many times where I wanted to raise my hand and speak up, but I was scared to say the wrong thing. This has happened many times and to this day, I still haven’t spoken up in class on my own. In order to address this, I signed up for a partner language exchange program at my university where I can practice Italian with someone and they can practice English with me. I have only met up with this person once because I have been super busy, but I have learned a lot more words.

Also, I have made some other Italian friends and I write to them in only Italian to improve my vocabulary. If I don’t know something, I google translate it and that has been the best way to learn new words. Additionally, I challenged myself by going to get a hair cut at a hair salon and only speaking to them in Italian. I got complimented on how well I knew the language so that was nice.

Anyway, I just wanted to express how I feel about not being fluent in Italian because it affects me a lot and I need to make big changes if I want to take advantage of all the opportunities in this country. My goal is to be almost fluent by the time I leave Italy.