From London to Rome






Time is passing faster than I expected. I have been spending every second I can exploring different parts of London. I have been to a few different galleries and museums such as the Tate Modern and the Science Museum. I have loved the market culture here. From Camden market to Notting Hill Market, I feel like I can’t get enough of them. The rows and rows of street food, vintage clothes, antiques, and local businesses feel so much like a community and it genuinely makes me so happy to be able to participate. Vintage and thrift shopping is something I really enjoy. Most of my clothes are either thrifted or have been previously owned. Scouting out the thrifting scene here has been really fun to figure out. In the areas that I have been to so far, some things are curated and expensive, but I love to look even when I can’t afford anything. When walking anywhere on the weekends, it’s impossible not to stumble upon a few different stands or a local shop that might have a few hidden treasures.

During this past weekend, I was able to travel outside of London for the first time. I took this opportunity to see a city I have always wanted to, Rome, Italy. I haven’t traveled much in Europe besides the United Kingdom prior to my semester abroad and this was my first time in Italy. Everything about it was so incredible. From the handmade pasta to casually walking past ancient ruins to seeing works of art that have gone down in history, I am so happy Rome was my first venture outside of London. I have always had a special interest in ancient societies from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans. Seeing the Roman Forum and the Augustus of Prima Porta was an insane experience to the least. I never thought I would see this monumental city and I actually made it happen. I went with my roommate and a friend of ours, but in a sense, this was our first time weekend traveling alone. We finally had the freedom to do everything we wanted and saw everything we needed to see. It was such a memorable experience. I can definitely imagine myself going to Rome again later in life.