From Compton to London


I have arrived. Yes, after months of planning, waiting, packing, and o rganizing I am finally here in London, and I must say, it is nice. Upon my initial depart I was very nervous about flying overseas, but a s soon as that plane was in the air, I passed out.

Approximately an hour before we landed is when I woke up, just in time for breakfast, and the landed went pretty smooth… Although it has been a while since I flew and that decent ear pain was no joke. Even once I was off the plane, pass immigration, had my bags, and met up with sme of the other students flying, my ears were still clog from the air pressure. It took many attempts to unclog them.

London, I love it, so far. Except for the fact that everything is made for exceptionally short people, me being 6 feet 7 inche, I find London a very attractive city. It reminds me of New York. Although I never been there myself, London has many small streets, everyone, and I mean everyone, walks, buses, or catches the train (local underground rail system), and the traffic is ridiculous. OMG! I would never want to drive in London, the people who do commute via vehicle flood the streets, and if one is not paying attention it is easy for he or she to get ran over. Plus, with traffic flow being opposite of that in the states, it can be a headache getting places sometimes.

Upon my arrival to London, the following day we were greeted by the AIFS staff and faculty. Who are a bunch of interesting people themselves. All of them have travel experience and are familiar with some of the other countries nearby that many of us will be traveling to. One the staff in fact is from the states, but she is married to British man and has been in the country so long she now has developed her own British accent. lol. Great Britain or the United Kingdom, in fact, is a country of countries. Made up of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England, and is actually called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

London has a lot of luxurious sites, and very expensive, but once your money is converted from dollars to pounds, you will see that the prices aren’t all that bad. The weather is a bit on the cold side, so if you are planning on coming this time of year bring warm clothes, or dress in layers as they say.

I went on a tour of Central London on my third day here and got to see a lot of the sites like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. Today is Thursday September 9th, and it is 5:30pm here which would be 9:30 am in California. So contact is spread by an 8 hour time difference, but on Facebook you wouldn’t even notice. Yesterday, I got to see the British Library, which unbeknownst to me before arriving here, is very famous, and holds some of the oldest, and original manuscripts in the world. Including the Bible and Beatles lyrics. Yes, Beatles lyrics.

I plan on seeing many more sites but I have only just arrived and I am still settling in. Now time to find a barber shop. IMG_20150906_143015 IMG_20150906_142825 IMG_20150906_141823 IMG_20150906_092214(1) IMG_20150906_074523(1) IMG_20150906_143719 IMG_20150906_144244 IMG_20150906_162700(1) IMG_20150906_162754 IMG_20150907_124254 IMG_20150906_162136 IMG_20150906_162214(1) IMG_20150906_162232