From Amsterdam with Love


Good Morning you fiends! I hope all is good on the west coast. Its around 11am here in London, the sky is cloudy, the breeze is cool, and the birds are chirping.

As you should know (if you’ve been following my blog {-_-}), I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands over the weekend. One Word. AMAZING!


Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the ancient architecture of the buildings, to the canals and trees that make up the scenery,  there is something just majestic about Amsterdam. I was in Netherlands for four days but only spent two of them in Amsterdam. On those days I mostly walked around and toured the city. I went to a couple of local landmarks like the Anne Frank House Museum, Madam Tussards Wax Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Amsterdam Dungeon. I was supposed to my end my last night there by going to the Icebar, which is a bar made complete of Ice, but after an hour of walking in circles not being able to find it I went back to the hotel. The Red Light District of Amsterdam is where most of the life of the city can be seen. It’s like a downtown type of areas with bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and more, much, much more. lol. As I heard when I got there, Amsterdam is place that has something for everyone. Literally. Also, while I was wondering the streets of Amsterdam I stumble upon a bagpipe player. 1st one I’ve seen since being in Europe.

Bagpipes in Amsterdam

Some footage of Amsterdam

This week has been pretty chill, well, except for taking my mid-term for Motion Picture Appreciation, but it wasn’t that bad. I think I got a either a low B or a high C. Also, for my psychology class we went to the Freud Museum, which is the former house of Sigmund Freud, the creator of Psychoanalysis, and his daughter Anna Freud. Since the start of the semester, he have been discussing Freud and his theories as they relate to modern time psychology, and this marked the culmination of all we have talked about by going to the museum. It is very small, but if your into Psychology I recommend seeing it if your ever in London.

Today I will being going to see The Boy and the Bear which is a Japanese animated movie being shown here in UK as part of the British Film Festival, finish my homework, and then tomorrow I might do some exploring.

Have a good weekend everyone, and until next time…

Put some chalkies on it!

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