For the Love of Food!







So reason #4892834 why Thailand is such an amazing place to study abroad via UCEAP – I am confident that we have one of the best on-site advisors! Every month, he takes the group of us out to some of the fanciest restaurants and hotel buffets – and it is something that we all look forward to, because he has this uncanny knack of being able to constantly out-do himself with each new place! Seriously, I don’t know how he can top five-star restaurant after five-star restaurant, but he manages to do it, and it is absolutely fantastic!

Month #8, and these dinners are really starting to help satisfy my cravings for home food, or at least, something other than Thai food. Don’t get me wrong, Thai food is amazing and I love it, but sometimes, there’s nothing quite like good seafood or Italian. And I’m starting to miss the simple things that I used to enjoy back home – a cup of coffee at my favorite downtown coffee shop, driving through my town at night with my friends, etc. My craving of home food just amplifies those feelings. It’s crazy.

But with that being said, I am definitely not ready to go back just yet. I am very much excited for the upcoming trip I have planned for Chiang Mai / Pai / Nan / the North. The last time I was up in the Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai area, I was there for the lantern festival, which meant that we didn’t really have a chance to really explore the area. But I have heard so much good things about the food that they have up there, and I am excited to compare the culinary nuances of Northern Thailand dishes!