Food markets galore!


There are so many food markets in London and as a foodie, it is so wonderful to be in such close proximity to foods from all over the globe. The one important thing is to make sure you manage your money. At food markets, I notice it is quite tempting for me to want to try any and everything. However, I noticed that when I am restricted to only using cash (rather than contactless), I make much wiser decisions. Plus, if I do not get to try everything I wanted that day, I can always come back the next! Here is a picture from the first food market I attended in London. It is called Borough Market. I ordered a moong daal wrap. I wanted to try something I have never tried before. At this market there are many types of cuisine. From halal, to vegan, to Jamaican, to Italian. This moong daal wrap was very light and fresh. I paired it with a mango orange smoothie. For anyone visiting a new city, food markets are definitely a must!