A Food Diary | Kaevyn in Korea


It should go without saying but the food in Korea is insane.

This is a cold Buckwheat noodle dish (vegetarian style); extremely filling and spicy, also it’s perfect for a hot day. A traditional summer meal in Korea. The restaurant is some cool hipster like place near Korea University. I’ve eaten there several times and have even brought other people with me.

The vibe is so cool and the food is amazing. I always order the seafood Mando (romanizitation of the Korean name) which is steamed dumplings. They are bring them out in a bamboo container and are so moist that they sometimes fall apart.

This is a shrimp udon noodle soup. Very warm and the little wedge in the middle is a fish cake, it is common in Korea. The restaurant is a Japanese noodle place that I went to after class with friends. It was recommended and worth the recommendation. I thought it was interesting because you order your food at a kiosk by the door and then bring the receipt to the chef. The wooden laddle is the cutest!

It’s common for there to be restaurant where the food is cooked on a stove at the table. It’s basically a stirfry but this dish has chicken, udon noodles, rice cake, and OCTOPUS! This is probably the most adventurous thing that I’ve eaten and it was mostly chewy.

I don’t know if I really liked it. It was kind of traumatizing since the octopus was whole when first thrown into the pan and chopped up in front of us. The restaurant is a little mom and pop shop near Korea University. They also have really good take-out.

The beautiful creation above is a bubble waffle. Bubble waffle is love. Bubble waffle is life. There’s a coffee shop that makes this and it is just amazing. The bubbled waffle is put in a cup, then stuffed with whipped cream, ice cream, an oreo cookie, and finally drizzled with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.

Koreans love to use waffles for desert, I think it’s there version of cake. My friend group often says “I feel like going to get a Bubble Waffle” and we do.

I love seafood. I’ve gotten to eat a lot of it here, especially since I don’t really eat meat like beef or pork (which is pretty much all there is). And one thing that I’ve grown to love is sushi, especially salmon. It’s just sooo good. And the salmon sushi at this restaurant is pretty delicious. The salmon pieces are also pretty big for only 15,000KRW. The restaurant is called Ontario and it’s right up the street from Anam station if you ever want to go.