Food Culture in Italy





There is no denying that Italian food is one the most delicious food in the world. However, since it is very consumed worldwide, there are also modifications to them depending on the country it is consumed. For example, my favorite dish is Spaghetti ala Carbonara. The difference between the American and the Italian dish is that there is no cream or bacon used. Another different dish was calzone, it does not have tomato sauce inside but rather put on the outside of the calzone. I was able to learn the authenticity and history behind so many known Italian dishes and try some dishes that I have not heard of before. I learned that in Italian culture, the wine is not used as an alcoholic drink but rather like a sauce, a paring to the food to enhance the flavor. I was able to cook some of traditional dishes like Braciole Raciole di Manzo alla Pizzaiola and some deserts like Tiramisu with Brutti ma Buoni in class. Some dishes that I was able to try was Bistecca ala Fiorentina, which is the dish of the Florentine and Pappardelle al ragu d’anatra.